About Us

People seem to think that art and science are mutually exclusive, with one being the realm of precision and calculated execution and the other being the realm of inspiration and creative risk. What we here at Katura Art want to change is that perception of art and science; to show people how there is a science t art, and the artistry in science.

Our name, katura, is in line with that belief. Katura is an alternate spelling of the word “keturah” meaning incense. Incense holds a special place for us between the worlds of art and science. Scientifically shown to aid in the relaxation and the introspection valued by scientists, while also maintaining prominent in the myth and mysticism that is almost inseparable from the arts.

While we will leave the finer point of the science of the fine arts to those better equipped to discuss such topics, we will be focusing on the sciences: the art, the necessity, and the beauty of it. Here are sort of topics you can expect from us on Katura Art

The Importance of Science

While a lot of people are capable of appreciating art on a daily basis, the sciences are often overlooked. People go through school and their after-school lives dismissing the sciences as something they don’t need to know and have never had practical use for. We want to show people that science, like the arts has use, both practical and beautiful.

The Truth Behind Science

It is said that the art reflects the artist’s truth. In that, we can say that science is the art of the natural world and the truth reflected by science is the truth of the world, as proven through repeated observation and experimentation. Given how many false “scientific reports” pollute social media, we want to provide an easy reference for finding references to actual, credible sources.

Science in Pop Culture

Art has evolved over time. From something often considered being exclusively for the wealthy elite, digital media and a desire for greater scope have helped art cover areas previously unheard of, such as movies, cartoons and TV shows. Science as well has done the same. Beyond the usual venues such as labs, real science has made it to pop culture and we’d like to help bring those to the forefront.

The Science Behind Everyday Things

People often take science for granted, not really caring about the day-to-day science behind things we do, see, and think about daily. We want to show people more about the science behind all those things. Not because we want them to feel bad about taking science for granted, but because we want to add a sense of wonder to their daily routines!

Science News

We’re learning more and more everyday about science. Some of the things we thought we knew, we find out either we barely really new anything about or we were completely wrong about. Other times, we discover things that are totally new. The problem is, a lot of these things are published in journals or on websites that don’t really attract a more casual crowd. We want to solve that by making this news more accessible.

Are there any other science-related topics you’d like us to talk about? Then please visit our contact us page to find out how to get in touch with us.  We’d love to hear from you about how you feel about our articles and what other topics you’d like to hear about!