Weather You Like It Or Not: The Importance Of Meteorology

For some people the extent of meteorology, the branch of science that focuses on predicting the weather, is only good for telling us if we need an umbrella or not. What a lot of people fail to realize is that weather prediction can affect a lot more than your daily commute to and from work. In fact, successfully being able to predict the weather affects some major elements. Here are a few:


Agriculture is a billion-dollar industry that creates jobs for hundreds of people, and that’s just in the continental North America alone. Around the world, agriculture not only provides a lot of jobs, but it also serves as the foundation for many countries, ensuring that their populations are fed, as well as providing a source of income through export. Countries that have unique products are particularly dependent on agriculture.

Knowing the weather ahead of schedule can determine the success or failure of a harvest. Predicting a big storm can tell farmers that they may have to harvest earlier than usual because a lower quality harvest is better than no harvest at all! Predicting a drought can help the farmers take the necessary precautions to ensure the crops don’t wither away.

Without meteorology to serve as an early warning device, a lot would end up being left to chance. This means that the job security of hundreds, if not thousands of people rests on meteorology’s shoulders.

Disaster Preparedness

Given the massive hits that the United States have taken over the years from typhoons and super typhoons, disaster preparedness is something that we need to always have in mind. Meteorology is essential to this. After all, in order to prepare for something, one must be aware of it first, right?

Meteorology also does more than just predict a storm. It also monitors the storm, tracking any gains or losses in strength. This is essential as some storms that seem relatively mild can suddenly build up into bigger storms or even merge with other storms to form much larger, much more dangerous ones.  Being able to adjust to chances is essential in being prepared.

By tracking storms, meteorologists are also able to provide a timetable for operations like evacuations. If a storm speeds up, it’s essential for the local governments to know that they have to speed up the process and put more effort into getting the civilians to the evacuation zones.

Personal Outings

Nothing can ruin a wedding or family vacation like getting caught in a storm, or stranded at a no-longer-sunny destination. Meteorology not only predicts weather, but through observing and recording weather patterns and trends over the years, you can expect a fairly accurate prediction of the pattern for the year. This means you can schedule your events on dates where the weather is least likely to ruin your day.

For people whose livelihood revolves around good weather, like tour guides, knowing the weather patters can help them schedule the best dates for tourists. After all, nothing can get you a bad review like getting your charges caught in a sudden storm!