Road Warriors: Why We Love Travel So Much

Thanks to technology, people have found more and more ways to connect through social media. With the advent of social media like Instagram and Twitter, came the virtually omnipresent hashtags that even make it to non-digital conversation. One of the most common types of hashtags you’re sure to come across is the “goal” hashtag. Out of all the goal hashtags, however, “travelgoals” is probably the most common.

But why is this the case? Why is travelling such a big deal, with some people even willing to fake or steal pictures just to make it look like they’ve been travelling? It turns out there are several reasons why people are inclined to show others that they travel (or convince people that they’re travelling) whether they can afford to or not. Here are some of the most common reasons as to why:


One of the most common themes among the working class today, is the monotony of the daily grind. Society has developed an economy that’s built on repetition and consistency. While this makes for an efficient workforce, it also makes for a lot of workers who are slowly being worn down by the everyday sameness week after week. That’s when thoughts of travel come in. Traveling in an exotic car from a reputable London car rental agency like Apex Luxury Car Hire.

Not only does travel provide a vacation from the monotonous work, it also provides a change of scenery and a change in routine, which rejuvenates and revitalizes people. This need to get away often leads to people, especially from the middle class, looking forward to their vacation days, or obsessing over travelling and making plans whether they’re actually going to travel or not.

Public Perception

One of the unfortunate side effects of social media is that people start comparing their lives to that of their friends, and measuring their happiness based on how many people like or respond to their posts. This means that for those people, their self-worth is directly proportional to how other people perceive them; one measuring stick of social media success is travel, especially travel abroad.

With this being the case, it’s no surprise that people are willing to go so far as to steal other people’s pictures, or to fake pictures just to make people think that they’ve gone somewhere exotic or to a popular tourist destination. In a world where so many people feel that their social media defines their value as a person, and that value is online for all to see, one can see the importance in staying ahead.

Leisure and Experience

Some people just really do love to travel through London with a Mini Cooper (or any other luxury car). That’s all there is to it! A lot of people value the experiences that you get from travelling. The sights, sounds, and tastes you get from travelling abroad are far different from anything you can get locally. For some people, it is this pursuit of authenticity that draws people to travel abroad, with the social media aspect coming in second (if it factors in at all)

For other people, it’s all about the leisure. Some people feel significantly more relaxed the farther away they are from the daily grind. Travelling abroad is a great way to distance yourself to make sure that you’re at peak relaxation. A stay in a foreign hotel, cruise, or even a hike or food walks really help one relax. Given how stressful the world is today, is it any wonder that people would travel whenever they can?