Write For Us

Science doesn’t work through a single pair of eyes. One scientist alone working on something isn’t enough to prove or disprove a theory. Rather, having several scientists working together, testing the theory is what ultimately proves or disproves the theory. Similarly, we believe that science can’t be properly observed through a single pair of eyes either. Rather, it must be viewed through different facets.

In this, we’d like to invite you to be one of the facets we show the world for viewing the world of science. We’re looking for writers who can write in English, with proper grammar and punctuation about the world of science, through the different angles it can be viewed through, from the everyday to the extraordinary. Here are some guidelines to what articles must contain to be considered:

Evidence Based

All science is based on facts. All our articles should be, as well. Having verifiable sources is essential for any articles that present scientific claims or science news. After all, there’s already so much misinformation out there, we want to make sure that everything we publish is verified. Including links or hyperlinks in your articles will ensure that what you’re presenting is credible information.

Fully Developed Articles

While some pages are content to run some pictures with a few lines under them, we prefer to use thoroughly developed articles with fully fleshed out ideas. This means that articles should be at least 500 words long, with proper headers and paragraph spacing. In order to make things easier to read, try to keep your paragraphs to four lines long in order to keep your ideas well compartmentalized.

Keep It Fun!

Here at Katura Art, we aren’t a full-on news site and we aren’t here to preach or shame people for not knowing about certain scientific facts. What we want to do is make sure that our articles are easy for even casual readers to pick up and enjoy. Try to keep the mood light and casual without compromising the accuracy and integrity of your article.

The topics and themes we’re looking for are listed on our about us page, so be sure to visit the page to see the type of content we’re looking for on our page. We aren’t exclusively limited to those themes, however! As long as the focus is related to science, we’re open to reading what you have to say!

For any other information on what’s required, please visit our contact us page to find out how to contact us for more details on the requirements of the articles. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!